Woocommerce Donation

Accept donations in woocommerce

Installing via Wordpress administration area

After you have purchased the plugin go to wordpress administration area then on PLUGINS , ADD NEW , UPLOAD and browse to  the zip file you downloaded  and click INSTALL


Activate 'WooCommerce Donations Plugin' through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


Installing via FTP

1. Upload the folder 'woocommerce_donations_on_cart' to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
2. Activate 'WooCommerce Donations Plugin' through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

After installing the plugin you will find a new menu item named "DONATIONS" under the Woocommerce main menu like in the image below 

The idea behind donations is that the donation is related to a product . When making a donation whats really happening behind the scene is that the client is setting a price for that product  and also purchasing that product 

Thats why the best option is to create or select an existing product with named "Donations" since that name will be shown on the cart and the invoice 

Next we will create or select an existing product that will be used for the donation


We need to create or select an existing product that fullfills the following criteria :

a)  its a hidden from catalog product 

         This to ensure that the client cannot purchase just the donation but that product will be added to his cart if he has          other products on the cart

b) has zero tax 

         We dont want to tax the client for the donation they make 

c) can be added just once on the cart 

          _sold_individually is yes

d) SKU

set a SKU to this product so you will recognize it faster when you see the order on the "order" area of woocommerce


So the donation will not be displayed as a single product , will have a SKU that you can differentiate easily , will have no taxes and there can only be a donation on a given cart


Below are the settings we talked about

Product is not taxable


Cant have two donation so we set the selling as individual


Product is not shippable


After we have created the product we need to set this product as the one to be added to the order in case the clients makes a donation

Select the products from the dropdown and click "Save changes"

Below is how the new product will be shown on the woocommerce product list

Here we will have a look from the client point of view where he can make a donation 

After entering the desired amount he wish to donate the client clicks "Add donation"

Below we can see the cart has the donation amount that the client chosed and the order total also updated accordingly

An order with donation will appear on the "orders" area of Woocommerce like the image below 

You can use the strings translations on the plugin option page or the PO/MO files

The plugin is translation ready via PO/MO files. Your translated files ( PO / MO ) need to be inside the "language" folder

Inside the "language" folder you will find also a POT file that you can use for your translations

The default language of the plugin is English

Display as

How to show the donation field. Show as predefined values that user can select or as free fields so user can enter whatever amount he likes

For the predefined values you have to enter them by clicking the button ADD NEW VALUE


Show currency symbol

Show or not the currency symbol and its position

Enable campaigns

Enable or not the campaigns dropdown

If yes , you have to enter the campaigns titles and they will show as dropdown on the cart page beside the donations

Cart explanation

Here you can view a simple report area with donations made and if they were associated with any campaigns

For support please visit CircleFund.org/contact


Thank you again for purchasing this plugin!