Circle Fund’s mission is focused on helping member organizations, businesses and nonprofits like yours raise money to support your cause. Although we are experts in developing customer driven CRM, intranets and sales/marketing platforms over the past 15 years, our ultimate goal is to help you raise more dollars regardless of the technology used.  Located in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, we have a team of dedicated developers with a focus on creating a simple and affordable donor interface for your nonprofit. Circle Fund will save your organization time and effort in fundraising so you can focus on supporting your cause or business.

Personally, I have participated and volunteered in a variety of nonprofits over the past 25 years, including the Heart & Stroke Foundation, our local Waldorf School as well as local community causes and conservation societies. In each of these organizations, I have never seen more passionate and engaged volunteers, staff and board members than when they work together.  We also recognize the power of leveraging your peer circles for maximizing fundraising in retail businesses such as Amazon.

Speaking of which, we use the latest in secure Amazon EC2 servers and optimized code to bring you the fastest user experience possible. We also take your organization’s privacy very seriously.  Our fundraising platform is driven by the needs and feedback from actual board members, staff and volunteers. We encourage you to suggest new features or report issues as they arise.

I encourage you to sign up for a free unlimited account.


Chris Charlwood
Founder, Circle Fund