What does a free account get me?
You get everything with no limitations! When you register for a free account, you get all the available features! You will only be charged a 5% application free based on actual donations collected to your Stripe account (no monthly or annual fees, and you can switch to a flat fee or managed pricing option at any time). Social collaboration features of our Dashboard include our news feed, private messaging, people directory, file sharing and events calendar.  You also get access to our Page Builders (Fundraising / E-commerce and Fundraising / Events menus) where you can generate donation, crowdfunding or event ticketing pages. Options include embedding videos, recurring monthly/annual membership payments as well as donor e-mail receipts. We also provide personalized task manager to-do lists, you can upload your own custom logo and get unlimited storage. You can download donor data such as e-mails and contact information, as well as other fundraising features such as prospect and grant management as well as event management and ticket payment collection and processing. Third party integrations include MailChimp, Google Drive and Google Calendar as well as unlimited storage.

Where is my data stored?
We use Amazon EC2 hosting which is securely stored in their Canadian data center.  If you would like to request that your data be stored in the US, we can do that for you also if you contact us.

Do you store credit card information?
No, never.  The credit card payment data goes only to the Stripe account which you set up with your organization.  We have no access to that information, and it is not stored on our servers in any form.

Can I export my donors and other data if I want?
Yes, you can download all Donor and Prospects data at any time to a csv file. Circle Fund will never contact any e-mails you collect or share your data with any 3rd party as per our Terms & Conditions.

Can offline donations be recorded?
Yes, you can visit Dashboard / Fundraising / Donors and enter a donation manually with a value and description such as “Offline donation” or similar.

Can I download and print tax receipts?
Yes, you can download tax receipts for donations as a PDF file and print them at anytime in the Dashboard / Fundraising / Receipts area.

How can I accept credit cards into my bank account?
All you need to do is login to your Dashboard, and visit Fundraising / E-Commerce and click the blue “Connect with Stripe” button to open a free Stripe account to get started. Then login to your Stripe Dashboard / API menu and under the “API keys” heading, copy your Stripe “Publishable key” and “Secret key” values. Then login to your Circle Fund Dashboard (e.g. yourorg.circleintranet.com) and go to Fundraising / E-commerce or Fundraising / Events and paste them. If you are a registered charity in the US or Canada, you can e-mail Stripe directly to get a preferred nonprofit rate of 2.2% credit card processing fee (vs 2.9% for profit organizations).

How do I get my donation financial data posted to QuickBooks?
The easiest way to post your donation information to Quickbooks is to export it from your Stripe.com donation account. You can export a CSV file to QuickBooks Online, or an IIF file to Quickbooks software that is offline.  All donations that come through your Circle Fund donation pages feed into your Stripe account.  You can export this data from your Stripe account at any time by following the detailed instructions at this link.

Do you offer event management options?
Yes, we allow your constituents the ability to collect tickets online using our event page generator. It lets you collect credit card or BitCoin payments directly into your Stripe account.  Ticket purchasers receive an automated e-mail after purchase and are added to the Fundraising / Prospects database for future e-mail marketing or followup.  You can also download these event attendee e-mails or sync with MailChimp.com.

Can my donors receive tax receipts?
Yes, we e-mail all donors tax receipts with your charitable registration number included automatically after their donation.  You can customize these email templates in Fundraising / E-mails.

Can I extend my crowdfunding campaign once ended?
Yes, even if your crowdfunding end date is passed, you can change the date to extend your campaign at any time in the admin area.  See Dashboard / Fundraising / E-commerce.

Am I able to modify comments left during a crowdfunding campaign?
Yes, you can edit or delete comments at any time in the Dashboard / Fundraising / Donors area.

Can donors choose to hide their names, amounts during a crowfunding campaign?
Yes, donors can choose to hide either their name, or the amount donated or both.  They can optionally also leave a comment.

Do you offer grant management?
Yes, we have an area in Fundraising / Grants where all grant information can be stored, such as application details, contact person, date, amount and follow-up comments/details.

How do I access my donor data?
Anytime you accept a credit card or BitCoin donation in Circle Fund using our crowdfunding or event page generator features, your donor data is automatically added to your Dashboard. Your donor information can be downloaded anytime by CSV file.  You can also synchronize your donor e-mails with MailChimp.com. Your MailChimp API key can but added to the MailChimp Settings area of your Circle Fund Dashboard.

My crowdfunding/donation/event front-end page is not showing, why?
In order for your e-commerce enabled crowdfunding, event or donation pages to display properly, you must enter a valid set of live Stripe API keys. You obtain these from opening a free Stripe account and going to the APIs menu of their Dashboard.

How easy is it to setup an online auction?
Very! Just login to the Dashboard and click on Shop / Categories and set up a category or more of products (you can always just do this later too). Then, click on Shop / Products and add some products by assigning a Category, Title, Buy Now Price, Starting Bid, Auction End (or select “No Auction End” for setting up a storefront) and input a Description (HTML is allowed too). Then indicate a Delivery Option and upload a Main Image and you have your first product!  Visitors can then bid, or buy your product immediately.

Can I contact bidders of the auction even if they didn’t buy?
Yes, all bidders will appear in the Fundraising / Prospects area after an auction.  You can then download their emails and other information to a CSV to print for a live auction, or sync their e-mails with MailChimp.