Manage Your Donors And More

Circle Fund is the most affordable, feature rich and simple fundraising platform available on the market.  We provide premium fundraising donor management features, 3rd party integrations such as Google Drive, Calendar and MailChimp and extra storage. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage donor data, online credit card payments, events, prospects, grants, auctions, files, and task lists.  We integrate social collaboration through our public news feed and also offer private messaging. Donors can pay directly to your bank account using credit cards for one-time, recurring or membership donations. Using our page builder, you can easily create multiple campaigns that include crowdfunding or events pages that collect payments and integrate with donor and prospect lists.

Tax Law Compliant E-mail Receipts

Our donation pages automatically generate printable PDF tax receipts and send thank you e-mails compliant with US and Revenue Canada tax laws.  You can edit the trigger thank you and receipt e-mails to ensure your charity registration number and financial mailing address is included. You can also download all donor data to your computer, or synchronize it instantly with MailChimp.com for setting up “drip” e-mail campaigns for future follow-up or crowdfunding campaigns.

Secure Amazon EC2 Servers

Host your data securely in your choice of Canadian or US Amazon data centers.  All data and payments are securely encrypted using MD5 encryption and SSL certificates. We use the latest technology such as Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk load-balanced hosting to keep your pages loading fast.  We allow you to access your data at any time and never store any credit card or payment data. You can download your donor data to a CSV file to import into Excel or other spreadsheets or marketing software.  We also allow you to synchronize your donor e-mails as well as prospect data MailChimp.com instantly.

Create Multiple Campaigns

Create unlimited campaigns which could include donation pages, crowdfunding or events pages.  Setup unique logos, branding and copy for each page.  Even setup  different Stripe accounts for each to track financial donations separately for exporting to Quickbooks.

Donation Page Builder

We go way beyond standard donor management features by offering a built-in mobile-optimized crowdfunding page generator, custom event pages and the lowest available credit card fees of 2.2% for non-profits. We provide social network sharing options on donation and thankyou pages for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We also include the option to embed our custom donation pages right into your website and offer the latest integrations with Stripe and BitCoin in our donation pages.

See below for details on our ever expanding features, or contact us to suggest your own.

FeatureCircle FundDonor PerfecteTapestry
Donor ManagementYesYesYes
Prospect ManagementYesYesYes
Grant Management
Credit Card ProcessingYesYesYes
CrowdfundingYesNo No
Silent AuctionYesNoNo
Online StoreYesNoNo
Documentation RequiredNoYesYes
Setup RequiredNoYesYes
Training RequiredNoYesYes
Canada or US Amazon Data StorageYesNoNo
Task ManagementYesNoNo
File ManagementYesNoNo
Event CalendarYesNoNo
Online ForumsYesNoNo
Private MessagingYesNoNo
News FeedYesNoNo
People DirectoryYesNoNo
E-mail ReceiptsYesYesYes
Canada & US Tax ComplianceYesYesNo
MailChimp IntegrationYesNoNo
Google+ and Facebook Single Sign OnYesNoNo
Google Drive IntegrationYesNoNo
Google Calendar IntegrationYesNoNo
Bitcoin PaymentsYesNoNo
Flat Per Admin PricingYesNoNo
Unlimited Users/RecordsYesNoNo
New Feature RequestsYesNoNo
Custom Graph CreatorYesNoNo
Built-in Social SharingYesNoNo
Online or Phone SupportYesYesYes
Stripe IntegrationYesNoNo
2.2% Credit Card Fees for NonprofitsYesNoNo
CSV Donor Download/UploadsYesYesYes
Donation Form Embed WidgetYesYesYes

E-Commerce Made Easy

Create multiple campaigns that include donation pages, crowdfunding projects or collect payment for event tickets with our donation page generator. Using the Stripe.com payment gateway, you can collect all major credit cards (or even BitCoin) and even embed our donation pages in your own website. E-mail receipts are  sent automatically out to donors and you can download or sync donor data with MailChimp.com for follow-up. Here are some live nonprofit donation page examples for a Waldorf Schoolgymnastics club, a climbing gym, an animal shelter and an environmental consultant.

Branded donation pages like ours increase donations by 5 times what you would generate otherwise!

Simple Dashboard

A simple optimized interface with menus on the left, a search at the top and sidebar widgets. From here you can use the top post box to share news, files or events.  You can add new users to the dashboard by inviting them via e-mail. Widgets on the right side column can be dragged and dropped where you would like them. Visit the Fundraising menu for managing donors, prospects and grants and for generating e-commerce event pages and crowdfunding campaigns.

Donor Management

Manage donors all in one place after their one-time, recurring or crowdfunding payments are processed through Circle Fund.  View, sort or download donor contact details for monitoring your campaigns or e-mail marketing follow-up. You can also manually enter new donors who contribute by cheque or methods other than credit cards.

Silent Auctions

Unlike other donor software, we provide integrated silent auctions and a “buy now” store. See this live demo example.  It can all be managed via our Dashboard, where admins can upload product descriptions and images to an online auction page that can be embedded in your site, or at a custom URL. Bidders can login and either “Buy Now” at a specified price or place a bid on the item.  The winning bidder is notified via email asking them to purchase via credit card or offline/in person.  The winning bidder is then sent an official tax receipt (assuming the item is tax receipt eligible product vs service).  Other bidders to the auction will be added to the Prospects area of your dashboard for email follow-up with MailChimp, or CSV download at any time. Auction details can be downloaded and printed for continued bidding for larger items at exciting live auction events.

News Feed

Post news or links, format them with the HTML editor and share instantly across your organization.

Private Messaging

Privately message staff or board members in real-time by selecting the recipient in the right-hand column.  Notifications will show at the top of the Dashboard and recipients will also receive an e-mail with the user photo and message.

Events Management

Quickly generate customized fundraising event pages to collect ticket information and credit card payments. E-mail confirmations are sent automatically after payment, and all attendee information is instantly added to the Fundraising / Prospects area for follow-up, download to CSV file or synchronization with MailChimp.

You can also create and share events internally with our Events Calendar.  Events can be displayed by day, week or month views, and you can also pull in events from one of your selected Google Calendars so you can view in the Dashboard.

People Directory

Import or export members, volunteers, staff, board or other people and view detailed profiles which include title, department, biographies and more.  For more on how to manage and retain volunteers, see our article 5 Ways To Attract and Retain Good Volunteers.  Donor information such as donor name, email, phone number and address as well as donation amounts and a description for in-kind donations is available separately under the Fundraising / Donors menu.

Did you know that volunteers are twice as likely to donate money as non-volunteers?

Grant Management

Staying on top of grant applications for funding is important in order to prevent “leaving money on the table”. We have built a specific menu under “Fundraising / Grants” for keeping track of proposal details such as application requirements, deadline date, contact people and more. Knowing how to write a grant proposal that is likely to get accepted is an important part of the process.  Read our article on 12 Keys To Writing A Successful Grant Proposal.

Prospect Management

Managing new donor prospects is an important part of any fundraising organization.  Circle Fund makes it easy to track new donor leads to quantify their fundraising potential, as well as download or sync directly with the highly popular MailChimp e-mail marketing software.


Circle Fund enables you to create your own custom-branded front-end donation page to collect donations for your cause. We provide user tested mobile device optimized donation options to maximize contributions via the Stripe payment gateway. You can also collect monthly or annual contributions or memberships. Stripe also allows your donors to use Bitcoin as a payment method. And with our MailChimp e-mail integration, you can further manage and boost donations.

One third of all donations are received in the last month of the year, due to tax reasons.

Fundraising Video Walk-through

Crowdfunding Campaigns

We provide an option in your Dashboard to upgrade your standard optimized donation page to a crowdfunding program.  By leveraging social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you can boost your campaign typically by an average of over five times what you would generate normally with an optimized crowdfunding donation page. By sharing a specific fundraising project or goal, telling a compelling story about your cause and using our optimized donation process, you can increase your donations significantly! Read our blog article on 5 Steps To A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign to learn more before you start. Specifically, here are the features that we offer;

  • User tested and optimized donation pages to maximize donation conversions
  • Options for recurring monthly or annual membership donations
  • Donors can make their name and/or donation amount anonymous or post comments
  • Donation pages can include embedded videos, such as Youtube
  • Canadian or US currencies and BitCoin are accepted currently
  • All donations have full tax receipt information for registered US 501(3)(c) or Canadian nonprofits
  • Donor information can be downloaded at any time to a CSV (comma separated value) file
  • MailChimp integration to e-mail donors thank you messaging or ongoing communications
  • Goal tracking, as well as the number of supporters, shares and days left.
  • Social sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, E-mail or via shared link.

Circle Fund Crowdfunding


We provide optimized donation payment pages that will increase your funds raised 5 times more than a PayPal donate button or other non-optimized payment page. The standard credit card processing fee is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (these are not our fees, they are unavoidable and charged by Stripe who is our processor), but for approved US 501(3)(c) or Canadian registered nonprofits (NPOs) you can apply to have it reduced to 2.2%. You will have to submit an e-mail to Stripe to get this reduced nonprofit rate (usually 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction).

To create a donation page, you will need to open your own Stripe account and then enter your Stripe key and secret into your Circle Fund Dashboard  (menu: Dashboard / Fundraising / Donations – see further below). All funds will then go directly to your Stripe account via your custom donation or crowdfunding page. Other options include import/export abilities for your donor database and automatic delivery of Canadian and US tax receipts. Donations received will automatically populate bar or line charts to display donations.

You can also create your own charts for other data you choose, which will display as sidebar widgets in the dashboard.


Upload images, documents or other files for sharing internally using our File Manager feature.  You can also pull in files from selected folders in your Google Drive account to share with other logged in volunteers, staff or board.


Create an unlimited number of separate discussion forums to communicate issues internally where volunteers, staff or board members can share their thoughts.


Easily manage your to do list using a Kanban (the Japanese word for “visual signal” or “card.”) approach. Our drag and drop interface allows you to create task descriptions, and then move them to the In Progress or Completed columns.


Circle Fund allows you to add your own domain URL to the Dashboard to white label our hosted software as your own. You can also use custom HTML embed codes available in our Dashboard for our donation, event or crowdfunding pages to appear in your website.