Getting Started

Here is a quick guide on how to get started with your Circle Fund account.

Create Donation or Event Pages

To create a donation or event page, follow these steps.

  1. In your Dashboard, go to the Fundraising / Campaigns menu and click on the blue button in the top right area called “Add New Campaign“. Then choose if it is for a “Donation” campaign (such as crowdfunding or donation/membership page) or an “Event” campaign (such as charging for tickets).
  2. Then on “Add New Donation/Event” page, input a title for your campaign. Note that this title will become the URL of your campaign.  So if you input “Halloween Festival” then your URL would as below here where “kittens” is your account name and “halloween-festival” is your campaign name.
    ==> Campaign URL:
  3. Once saved, your donation or event page URL and statistics can be found in the Fundraising / Campaigns menu.
  4. On the Donation Settings page Under “Basic Settings” add a Title (required), Phone Number, Youtube URL, Background Image, Logo, Description, Comment Limit, Credit Card Statement Descriptor and many other options.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the green “Update” button for the section you are editing, or the “Update Page” to update all sections at once.
  5. Under “Social Sharing Settings” you can choose a customized title and description and image that will be shown on Facebook when shared with that social network.
  6. Under “More Settings“, assuming it’s a donation campaign type, choose if you want to collect “Annual” or “Monthly” membership donations, and if you want to Show or Hide comments. Again, once done be sure to click the green “Update” button once done.
  7. There is also an “Extra Page Text” area at the bottom where you can input Footer information for your page.
  8. On your Donation Settings page, click the blue “Connect with Stripe” button to open a new account or connect it to your existing Stripe account. If you login to your Stripe account first, and then click the blue “Connect with Stripe” then it will connect your account automatically. To connect your Stripe account manually, you will need to copy your Publishable Key and Secret Key from your Stripe account and paste them into the appropriate Campaign page Stripe settings.  Click here for where to login to your Stripe Dashboard.
  9. Go to the Fundraising / Donors menu and select a filter and/or campaign to display donor information. From this page you may also download donor data to a CSV file, or sync with MailChimp via the blue buttons at the top.
  10. Go to the Fundraising / Receipts menu to see all receipts sent to donors.  You can resend receipts from here.  Note, if you have a charity registration number, please input this in your User Profile in the top right area of the Dashboard.

NOTE: Circle Fund donation or event pages will NOT BE LIVE until a valid Stripe account is connected.  We never collect any credit card or payment information on our servers.  The payment goes directly into your Stripe account and only you as the Stripe account holder can access their payment information or provide refunds etc..

Video Overview of Donation Page Creation

Create or Edit Event/Ticketing Pages

To create an event page with the option to charge various ticket prices, follow these additional steps below.

  1. From the Fundraising / Campaigns page, find your event campaign, and click on the Edit icon on the right side.
  2. Input your “Event Name”, “Event Date”, time duration “From” and “to”.  Add your “Venue”, “Capacity” (e.g. maximum number of people who can attend) and currency (US vs CDN).  You can also add a Google “Map Embed” code, image “Background”, a “Logo” and “Extra Content” using the HTML editor.
  3. Under the “Create Tickets” area at the bottom, add a “Price” and “Description” for each ticket type, and click the green plus sign (+) to add more types.  Be sure to click the green “Update” button at the bottom right once done.

Adding New Users

Here are 3 ways to add new users once logged into your Circle Dashboard:

  1. Add Manually – Go to the People menu and select the role of the new user you want to add, such as Volunteers and click on the green Add People button in the top right corner. Then just input their Full Name, E-mail and Password and click “Save Changes”.
  2. Invite Users – Click on the Invite Users Widget found in the right-hand column of your Dashboard. Enter the E-mail of the person you want to invite and select their Role from the pull-down menu and then click on the green “Invite” button. They will receive an e-mail asking them to join your Circle account and add their registration details.
  3. Import Users – Click on the People menu and first download the “Sample csv” file at the blue link next to the green “People CSV” upload button. Edit the CSV file in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or another CSV file editor to include details of users to be imported. Then click on the green “People CSV” button to import them.

Need To Integrate With WordPress?

We offer 2 WordPress plugins for your nonprofit;

  1. Donation Form Embedder – allows you to embed any donation page you create in Circle Fund in a page or post.
  2. WooCommerce Donations – integrates with WooCommerce to allow you to collect e-commerce donations.

We also offer custom WordPress theme, plugin, hosting and site development services for nonprofits. Please do contact us for a quote or with any questions along the way!